Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to TuneUp Windows 7 !

Even though Windows Operating System have all recovery options, Its difficult to be explain why it crash every time. All these problems were addressed my third party software
"TuneUp Utilities". An Windows platform dependable Third Party software that automate the process maintenance of Windows Operating System. Installing this copy over your operating system, Let you grab functions of Windows in your mouse.

Believe it or not, TuneUp Utilities lets you know, if there is problem associated with Performance and address all the problems by optimizing it. Also it let you know, If your computer have any vulnerability to be hacked.

One more happy news to be shared with you is, TuneUp Utilities has released a Stable 2010version (9.0.4100.18) on April 23rd exactly last Friday. This version is especially designed for Windows 7". Hope you can see the screen shot above. The Good Feature of 2010Version can be quoted as its "Turbo Mode". Its a customizable mode, That lets you alter the features of Windows, when can be modified by just clicking on the "Turbo Mode button". This button can be found on Bottom Left on the TuneUp Utilities window.

TuneUp Utilities also includes 23 individual Wizards that modifies various Features of Windows to be User-Defined with acceptable limits. Sounds amazing rite. I already own a copy of it. If any idea to buy this, Grab yours soon.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Optimize your Windows OS !

I am on this blog to let you know few tricks, i worked out to make optimize Windows Operating Systems. The tips i suggest are all should be followed and optimize for every few days to get good performance results with the Windows Operating System.

  • Initially check whether your operating system is installed on NTFS (New Technology File System) Formatted Harddrive partition. As per compatibility, Windows run both on FAT32 (32Bit File Allocation Table) and NTFS File systems. Also Windows recommends NTFS file system to have good performance results. To make it clear, take two empty partition of a Harddrive and format one partition with NTFS and the other with FAT32 file system. Copy a file weighing more than an GB. Size of the file occupied on Harddrive is higher in FAT32 partition than NTFS System.
  • Windows OS like XP has the minimum requirement of 512MB RAM, which for far enough that was few years back, But by now, due to lot of heavy weighing softwares and Games which run on Virtual Machines like JVM, .NET, etc. That needs additional requirement of RAM. So for a standard 2 RAM Slot board, fix 2GB or above to get your computer will optimized.

  • To make Startup functions optimized in your computer use "MSCONFIG" command in "RUN" window. "RUN" is a windows default command runner that initiates various functions on Windows Operating System. After typing the command in RUN window, MSCONFIG application is initiated, In Startup section uncheck all unwanted Startup items to make the startup a fair one. Unchecking windows Startup elements may stop windows loading, So make sure you Turn OFF the correct application.
  • Disk Clean UP is another important function of windows that lets you Clean up Temporary files from the Computer. Disk Clean UP can be fetched by make Right Click on appropriate Harddrive and Choose "Properties". In Properties window Choose "TOOLS" option where you can find "DiskClean UP" option. For every work on the computer, a dump file will be created at random location that depends on the application, So to delete all the the dump files, Use the DiskClean UP option.
  • Weekly De-fragmentation of the Harddrive will considerably make the computer to sustain its performance. De-Fragmentation will make the files easily fetch-able which will also be easily replaced from its locations, So its important to make the De-Fragmentation a frequent job at computer idle time.
  • Windows Operation Systems use considerable amount of Harddrive space for Virtual Memory, which may be needed by an application. So Leave as much as space in the Harddrive. Do not always maintain the Harddrive fully occupied. It might also decrease the CPU performance.
  • I like to Quote one more thing, that should not be done. May websites similar to the same title as mine, Suggest Windows OS users to optimize windows by modifying Registry entries manually, which is not recommended, Being an experienced person, I suggest not to try those tricks which crash the windows Operation system to halt down permanently that can be repaired.
  • The last one i suggest is to maintain the CPU clean. If you are an Hardware expert, I suggest you to clean every part of CPU by dismantling it for once a month. I strongly recommend only to those who know well about Hardware systems.
I welcome comments on my suggestions. Also write me, If i need to assist in repairing your computer.